Do You Support Your Idols Correctly?

There are various ways to our love to our idols as fans. We have listed down the most common ways to show your love. Let’s check it together.

1.Be a fan and support your idols:

The best thing you can do to support your idols is being a fan. That’s it, it’s that simple. Show your support by loving them and looking up to them.

Your love, support, and respect will mean as much to your idols as an album sale or a download. If you make it known to them that you support them unconditionally they will be happy and elated, as well as confident within themselves and that’s all we want our idols to feel. Happy. Which in turn makes us feel happy too

2. Watch music videos:

Another way we can support our idols is by watching their music videos. We can increase the views on their music videos, showing support whilst not having to spend money, it also supports our idols on award shows as well. Many fandoms set targets to show their groups how much they appreciate their talent and hard work. For example, a challenge to get 1 million views for a group in one day.

3. Stream songs

MelOn is the most important one and largest digital stores in Korea and dominates 50% of the digital market. You will need to buy MelOn pass to download and streaming.

Genie is the easiest way to streaming digital song. If you buy the physical album, you will get free Genie streaming pass — 100 times. You also can find genie link on twitter, and streaming it for free.

Naver they will give out 120x streaming pass to the first 500 people (first come first serve basis) every 10 pm KST. Remember that this is the monthly event, you can only win the free streaming tix once a month. Only works on mobile!

Digital takes a huge percentage of the total points for Korean weekly music show and the chart will reflect Year-End Music Awards points.

4. Vote on music shows:

This is something not every fan does because depending on the music show you have to pay to vote for your idols which is an issue for some fans. However, you can vote without paying where you just have to create an account or you don’t even have to do that. This is a great way to get your idols the awards they deserve and to show that you truly support them and want them to succeed in the industry.

Hurry up and vote for MAMA!

5. Buy Album (Physical):

The most common way we support our idols is by buying their albums. This can be mini albums, EP’s or full-length albums. This means that the money we spend goes to our idols and it can also mean in some cases that we are supporting our idols on awards shows. Also if you buy an album it will count on the official Hanteo chart, which monitors physical album sales for various artists, so you are also supporting your idols that way too.

You can use different websites for this, examples being eBay, Amazon, ktown4u, Kpoptown, Yesasia, Catchopcd, and many more.

We often buy the albums and Kpop items on eBay and Amazon because of import tax on other websites.

Furthermore, Hanteo and Gaon count on music chart show as well. Hanteo counts daily, weekly, and monthly sales. Used to count music chart show; Gaon counts weekly, monthly, and yearly physical and digital sales. Same with Hanteo, Gaon Chart count for end-year music awards.

6. Download (Digital):

We can also digitally download albums and songs from our favorite groups, this can be on Spotify, or iTunes or any other streaming site. This also supports our idols with sales and awards. It also means you can support your groups by listening to your favorite songs. Most fans do this because it’s a great way to show support at any time of the day because the music is there with a few clicks of a button.

Additionally, iTunes does not count towards any Korean music show. iTunes sales will only reflect Korean Billboard and International Chart, but if you love to support your idols’ sale record, remember to buy their songs on iTunes.

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